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Your horse's health is important to me. I bring multiple therapies to each session so that your horse receives the most care. Any and all are incorporationed to structurally integrate your horse's body bringing complete power, efficiency, agility, speed & balance, mental and emotional gains resulting in a happier, focused horse.

I bring to each session four forms of bodywork release therapies:

Read Margret's article:

"Equine Natural Movement: Release the Potential of your Horse",originally printed in Today's Horse Trader, January, 2010

These therapies restore your horse’s body with these results:

"L is doing great. You had worked on her ear when you were here and I am so pleased with what you did. I am able to touch her ear and rub it without any problems now. It's the first time I can do that. I want to thank you so much for helping L."

~ SW

~ Available ~

Single, individual sessions | Session series packages for intensive rehab focus | Owner clinics for groups or private instruction | Remote sessions for horses, dogs and humans

Cranial Sacral

"(Dandi) released through his entire body in a way he has never done before and I believe it is specifically to do with your time together..."

~ LC

“How cool . . . Bob did flying lead changes on alternating strides. He’s never done that before. His trot is more extended and the canter felt grrreat. He went over jumps with joy. His dressage scores went up 5 points and he didn’t stall. I feel a difference - more willingness. He’s a happy horse."

~ AV

Five Reasons Your Horse will Benefit from Myofascial Release / Cranial Sacral Therapy

  1. Just like people, horses have a life. They experience twists, pulls, accidents, athletic stress and social rough behavior from other horses. As athletes, we expect the best from our horses. Like us, they have issues that compromise their abilities to perform for us. They slip, knock their heads and experience injuries. Or, like the best of us, they simply need to have their top abilities working to win in competitions and events.
  2. Your horse is at a performance plateau. The training has brought great results, so have your lessons. Still, you aren’t placing quite where you want to place in competitions … and you are both soooo close. Or, you’re winning and want to keep it up!
  3. The horse is older, but still going well. Extending his/her capabilities is the goal.
  4. The horse is being marketed for sale and there are some changes in overall capacity to improve for both a better price and better home for the  horse. Or, you just got a new horse. Wouldn’t it be great to give him/her a session for this wonderful new beginning as a team?
  5. The horse is your dear friend; you know that having him/her move at his best is well worth the investment. Making him/her happier, more graceful and agile justifies all, even if he/she doesn’t have injuries or issues that you notice.
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